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How to Choose a Home Care Agency

With your busy work schedule, you may not be able to take good care of an elderly person who cannot complete the daily tasks of grocery shopping, meal preparation, and housekeeping. You thus need a person who can help your loved one. However, you may be uncertain of which home caregiver to hire. Although there are several home care agencies, the sad stories of agencies abusing their patients. To choose the best home care agency, you should use the tips explained here.

You should assess your needs. In-home care can range from companion care to senior home care agency and help with light household or housekeeping tasks to skilled nursing for people with serious health conditions. If you are not sure of which home care services to choose, an initial assessment visit to a home care provider or your physician can enable you to determine which kind of care suits your particular situation.

Choose a reputed agency. Some family caregivers directly as opposed to hiring through a home care agency. While you may cut costs by working with a caregiver directly, you should know that you will be acting as an employer too and completely responsible for oversight, firing, hiring, confirming certification, background checking, and more. Hiring a reputable agency will relieve you some of these duties while ensuring your loved one gets quality care.

Ask about a home care agency’s background checks. There is nothing wrong about being picky concerning who to allow offering care to your elderly person. Ask an agency if they do background checks and is so, the methods they use. In case you are not comfortable with the way an agency screens its caregivers, hire another agency.

Make sure a home care agency is trained. Ask what certification and training requirements are needed for a caregiver to get hired by an agency. Certifications provide you with peace knowing that if accidents occur when the caregiver is on duty, your loved one will get basic aid and give you insights concerning an agency’s standards of hiring. Special cultural capacity and language like training to work with LGBT community members and Holocaust survivors can be important for you.

Request to meet potential caregivers. You do not only need to ascertain that a caregiver is well trained but also that they are compatible with your loved one and you. Inquire from a home care agency how they match caregivers with customers and ensure that you and your loved one will meet the caregiver before they start work to ensure they are a good match.

Finally, look into the experience. Since you have no intentions of your loved one being a guinea pig, it’s much crucial to work with veterans. Experienced home care agencies have bettered their abilities thus offering quality care to their clients. You can tell about a home care agency’s experience by looking at the period they have been in operation. Besides, look at how experienced individual employees are. You can also look at potential home care agencies’ lists of referral clients.

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